Easiest Way to Make Ultimate Lemon Meringue Pie

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Hey everyone, welcome to my recipe page, if you’re looking for Lemon Meringue Pie recipe, look no further! We provide you only the best Lemon Meringue Pie recipe here. We also have wide variety of recipes to try.

Lemon Meringue Pie

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We hope you got insight from reading it, now let’s go back to lemon meringue pie recipe. To make lemon meringue pie you need 22 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you do that.

The ingredients needed to make Lemon Meringue Pie:

  1. Prepare of Crust.
  2. Take 1 (9 inch) of pie crust, baked.
  3. Provide of Lemon Filling.
  4. Get 1/2 Cup of Lemon Juice.
  5. Get 1 Tbsp. of Lemon Zest.
  6. Prepare 5 of Egg Yolks.
  7. You need 2 Tbsp. of Unsalted Butter.
  8. Take 1/4 tsp. of Salt.
  9. Prepare 1 Cup of Granulated Sugar.
  10. Provide 1/3 Cups of cornstarch.
  11. Get 1 1/3 Cups of Water.
  12. Provide of Meringue.
  13. Prepare 5 of Egg Whites.
  14. Take 1/2 tsp. of Cream of Tartar.
  15. Use 3/4 Cup of Granulated Sugar.
  16. Take 1/2 tsp. of Vanilla Extract.
  17. Get of Shopping Notes.
  18. Use 5 of Eggs Total.
  19. Take 1 3/4 Cup of Granulated Sugar Total.
  20. Provide 2 of Lemons for lemon Juice.
  21. Provide of Pie weights (Dried Beans, Dried Rice or Lentils works too).
  22. Prepare of Parchment Paper.

Instructions to make Lemon Meringue Pie:

  1. Blind Bake (a) Preheat Oven to 425°F. Place crust in 9-inch pie plate. (b) Crimp the edges decoratively or press them down with the tines of a fork. Prick the dough on the bottom all over with a fork. Place a sheet of parchment paper inside the dough and fill with pie weights. Bake for 10 minutes. (c) Carefully remove the parchment and weights and bake until the crust is deep golden brown on the edges and lightly golden in the center.
  2. Lemon Filling (Sugar Mixture) (a) Whisk together the granulated sugar, cornstarch and salt in a medium saucepan. (b) Add the lemon juice and water and whisk to combine. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until mixture comes to a boil. (c) Cook the sugar mixture around 6 minutes or until it begins to thickening and bubbling. Once thickened, give it a whisk and reduce heat to low..
  3. Lemon Filling (Temper the Yolk) (a) Whisk the egg yolks together in a medium bowl or liquid measuring cup. (b) Temper the eggs yolks by slowly adding half of the hot sugar mixture to the yolks while constantly whisking. Add the tempered yolks to the saucepan and return to the heat. (c) Bring the mixture back to a simmer and cook, stirring constantly with a rubber spatula, for 1 minute. (d) Remove from the heat and stir in the butter and lemon zest until completely melted and incorporated..
  4. Crust and Filling Pour the filling directly into the pie crust and leave on the side.
  5. Meringue (Foam) (a) With a handheld mixer or a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, beat the egg whites and cream of tartar together on medium speed for 1-2 minute until bubbles foam (b) Add the sugar and salt, then continue beating on high speed for about 2 more minutes..
  6. Meringue (Peaks) (a) Place the bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, making sure the bottom of the bowl is not touching the water. Cook, whisking constantly, until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture feels hot to the touch. (b) Transfer the bowl to the mixer and add the vanilla. Whisk on medium-high speed until stiff peaks form, 5 to 6 minutes..
  7. Bake Back at 425°F for 10-15 minutes or until meringue is brown..
  8. Serve Let pie sit at room temperature for 1 hour then chill for at least 4 hours before eating..

My grandmother Mae was notorious for her sweet tooth. Enjoy this Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie on your holiday dessert table with a simple list of ingredients and delicious lemon custard sure to please everyone! It's the contrast of the three textures in a lemon meringue pie that make it one of the most popular desserts. Comforting, zesty and light, lemon meringue pie is the ultimate dessert. And which other dated desserts deserve a revival?

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